how many floors in item world disgaea 4

How do I get past Item world floor 30? - Disgaea 4: A Promise ... Hello im just decide to visit deep floors of item world and kill item god cos im earn 8000lvl for my characters the problem is - when i reach the gates on 30 floor and enter in them the item world eject me and its says that all floors clear ... but i know that item world have 00 floors - - i have item radar i search in the internet for the answer but cant find it please tell ...【Get Price】

Innocents Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Gamer Guides As you delve into that item you may run into the innocent on any given floor that isn& 39;t a multiple of 0 where the game will quickly show the innocent; it also has the word "Innocent" floating above its head. They are neutral yellow HP bar and unlike previous Disgaea games the normal enemies will not attack them so there is no need to ...【Get Price】

How many is the Maximum floors on the item world? - Disgaea ... How many is the Maximum floors on the item world? Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness PSP . DS PC PlayStation 2 Android iOS iPhone/iPad Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4.【Get Price】

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Item World - The Disgaea Wiki - The knowledge of 000 ... A standard Item World floor in Disgaea 4. The Item World is a recurring feature in the Disgaea series. It is a series of randomly generated levels with access to higher-level monsters than the fixed storyline levels a concept borrowed from Nippon Ichi& 39;s game released the previous year La Pucelle: Tactics& 39; "Dark World" although accessed in different ways.【Get Price】

How& 39;s That Item World Coming Along? Trophy in Disgaea 4: A ... How& 39;s That Item World Coming Along? Trophy in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten: Clear 30 floors in the Item World - worth 5 Trophy XP【Get Price】

Steam Community Guide How to Disgaea 0 /Grinding: The ... The only way to get out of the item world is by doing one of the 4 ways: Every 0 floors in the item world can have either an item general Item King Floors 30 60 and 90 and and Item God/Item God 2 Only on floor 00 by clearing any of these floors or simply going to the item gate you are prompted to return to the Overlords Castle say ...【Get Price】

Disgaea 5 - 0 Floors of Item World Spoilers - YouTube I got to believe there is nothing more boring than watching someone grind in item world.【Get Price】

Rarity - The Disgaea Wiki - The knowledge of 000 ... From Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories onwards Normal items begin with a population cap of 4. Normal items will only have 30 floors in the Item World. In Disgaea: HOD Rare items can hold at most 0 specialists to start though they will only start with - 5 unsubdued specialists. If you go through the item world and defeat an Item King twice you ...【Get Price】