how to reinforce my deck for hot tub

How to Reinforce a Deck for a Spa / Hot Tub - The first step is to talk to an engineer. After adding a spa plus water plus people in the hot tub you can add around 6000 lbs to your deck. My spa started off at 600 lbs. The spa filled has 320 gallons or 2672 lbs. 8.35 lbs / gallon . If 7 people sit in my hot tub that is an additional 050 lbs. average 50 lbs . That is a total of 4322 lbs.【Get Price】

Strengthening a Deck For a Hot Tub - Strengthening a Deck For a Hot Tub. by Bob I have an 2x24ft deck5/4 decking with 2x8 floor joists 6oc. I& 39;m going to put a hot tub on the deck on one end. I used your DECK LOAD calculator excellent tool by the way to add more support piers. I also want want to add more floor joists in the hot tub area.【Get Price】

Pro Deck Installation Tip: How to Make Your Hot Tub and Deck ... The hot tub is placed on the ground and the deck is built around it. Install a concrete slab for the hot tub platform. This is going to be the best reinforcement choice for the hot tub; It is recommended that you place the spa 0 to 2 inches above the decking to allow easy access in and out; Don’t forget to leave an accessible entrance to ...【Get Price】

Can I Put an Inflatable Hot Tub on My Deck? Yes here& 39;s how I also show you the exact blueprint used for reinforcing the deck at my house for my hot tub. So just click that link to read it on my site. In the end you may need to reinforce your deck for your hot tub.【Get Price】

How To Reinforce A Deck For A Hot Tub And since the tub weight occupants and water may exceed to 00 pounds for every square foot decks are created to support dead and live loads of 50 pounds for every square foot. Steps in Reinforcing Decks for Hot Tubs. The following are the steps to follow when you have a deck reinforcement project for a new hot tub: First things first.【Get Price】

How to Reinforce a Deck for a Hot Tub Spa The Spa Guy The Spa Guy Gives general Information on How to Reinforce a Deck to keep the deck from sagging or even falling. It is very simple and you can buy the materia...【Get Price】

Reinforce Deck - Search Reinforce Deck Find Reinforce Deck. Search Faster Better and Smarter at ZapMeta Now 【Get Price】

How to Determine if a Deck Can Support a Hot Tub and fixes Wondering how to reinforce a deck for a hot tub? For decks that are high off the ground and/or need additional support here is a diagram showing you how my deck and hot tub are arranged with the additional support posts that were added under the hot tub area.【Get Price】

How to Reinforce a Deck to Support a Hot Tub Hot tubs however are very heavy especially when filled with water and chances are that your existing deck can’t safely support it without additional reinforcement. Fortunately reinforcing your deck in preparation for a hot tub is a relatively easy task. Here are some pointers to help you out.【Get Price】