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Carpet – residential, commercial and carpet tiles

Carpet is a great flooring solution. It’s soft, safe, warm and quiet. It’s stain-resistant and gives excellent value for the price – and it saves energy.

Carpet for home Adelaide


Carpet is an ideal choice to add warmth to your home. Cosy and soft underfoot, there is an endless array of colours and styles to suit your home, be it classic, modern or anywhere in between.

For those searching for premium quality, a wool carpet will add a true sense of luxury to your home.

Carpet flooring is an ideal choice.

  • A soft landing means less breakages as compared to tiles
  • Warm enough to sit and relax on
  • A wide range of brands, colours, textures and piles
Carpet Tiles Adelaide


Carpet tiles provide an even broader range of choices and design possibilities. Mix and match colours or create patterns to add the wow factor to your home.

Why chose carpet tile flooring?

For those searching for premium quality, a wool carpet will add a true sense of luxury to your home.

  • They come in a wide variety of colours, style and material.
  • They are versatile for home and businesses
  • Rips and stains are now easy to manage – replace one square rather than a whole room.
Commercial Carpet Adelaide


Our Commercial Carpets are suitable for many different types of business – offices, health care, aged care facilities.

Carpet tiles are a great solution and a versatile choice for any office.

Indoor/Outdoor carpets are also a great solution for areas that are either entirely or somewhat exposed to the outdoors. Read more here.

Fair Price can even create a custom carpet solution to suit your needs. Imprint your logo or corporate image and make your floor unique to you.

Speak to Fair Price Flooring today about finding the right commercial flooring solution for your Adelaide business.

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“When the installer arrived in the morning yesterday and removed the old carpet, he found some minor issues with the steps, that if left, would have created an inferior job.”



For beautiful comfort underfoot, consider carpet. Speak to Fair Price, the Adelaide carpet flooring experts today.