what is the difference b n solid slab and ribbed slab

What is the difference between a solid slab and a flat slab ... A flat slab is essentially a slab with no drop beams. Think of it as a ‘sheet’ of concrete extended in both X and Y directions and supported on columns. Sometimes flat slabs have a perimeter beam they call it a ‘spandrel beam’.【Get Price】

Concrete slab - Wikipedia A concrete slab is a common structural element of modern buildings consisting of a flat horizontal surface made of cast concrete. Steel-reinforced slabs typically between 00 and 500 mm thick are most often used to construct floors and ceilings while thinner mud slabs may be used for exterior paving see below .【Get Price】

What is One-way Slab? - GharPedia The slab is an element of the building which transfers the different types of floor load to the beams. The slab is the structural member whose depth ‘D’ thickness is small as compared to its length ‘l’ span and breadth ‘b’. A slab can also be classified based on their methods of construction as precast prestressed or cast in situ.【Get Price】

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One Way Simply-supported and Continuous Solid Slab Bending ... one-way spanning solid slabs. Learning out-comes At the end of this lecture the student should be able to:. a Classify all types of solid slab CO b Identify one way and two way solid slab CO c Use a relevant Clauses in code of practice CO d Design one-way slabs CO2 e Details the slabs CO .【Get Price】