do i need to replace joist hangers for my deck

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How to Build a Deck Without Joist Hangers Hunker An important detail is deciding how the joists will hold into place. The most popular option is a joist hanger. However options other than hangers may need to be considered depending on what kind of deck is being built. Alternatives to using metal joist hangers are ledger strips sliding dovetails or mortising and dowels.【Get Price】

Replace Deck Joists in 6 Steps The joists are a major component of the framework and rotting joists can affect the structural integrity of the deck. If replacing one or more joists you will want to do so without rebuilding the entire deck. This article will explain how to go about replacing deck joists in 6 easy steps.【Get Price】

Fixing a Bad Deck Joist The Old House Web Old House Web If too much of the joist is rotted you must replace the whole board. If you can& 39;t get under the deck your only choice is to pull all of the boards nailed to the joist and tear it out. If you can get under the deck you should be able to cut the nails with a sawzall and drop the errant joist to the ground. You can then punch the nail stubs out ...【Get Price】

How to Replace Joist Hangers If you are willing to do this you can replace your own damaged joist hangers. The steps below will explain the repair process. Step - Access the Damage. In order to replace your damaged joist hangers you will need to access them. In order to do this you have no choice but to remove the boards that cover them.【Get Price】

Attaching Joists with Hangers Codes typically call for attaching joists with joist hangers at the ledger. They are sometimes not required at the header if they rest on a nearby drop beam and you drive nails through the face of the header into the joists. But even in that situation some inspectors will want to see joist hangers.【Get Price】