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Barn-Flooring Options - Expert advice on horse care and horse ... Barn flooring is the foundation of a clean and safe barn. Flooring needs to have good traction so that horses and their handlers don’t slip and fall. Since barns are constantly exposed to the mess that goes along with horses including manure dirt and hair the floors need to be easy to keep clean.【Get Price】

Dirt floors in the barn?? - Chronicle Forums We& 39;re building a barn now with a dirt floor. Ours is maybe what you could call a modified pole barn. Modified because there are internal weight-bearing poles and we have a two level roof trusses on the upper level rafters on the lower level . We& 39;re in Texas so ventilation is super important. I& 39;ve always had dirt barn floors.【Get Price】

Floor Barn - Search Floor Barn Find Quality Results and Answers. Top 0 answers Related Info Search and Find Now Multi Search【Get Price】

Compacting dirt floors in a shop..? - Building Designing a ... That& 39;s what we did in my bosses horse barn to keep the horses from digging holes in the dirt floor. We managed to get some nice clean clay and rototilled it in well with a bit of portland cement into the existing dirt floor. Then we lightly sprayed the floor with water and continused to rototill it in. You want the floor damp but not muddy.【Get Price】

what is the best flooring for barns earthen floor forum at ... My sheep have options; going outside where there is acres of dirt or concrete and at times they prefer the concrete especially when it is hot hot. Cool concrete to lie on and shade overhead it is a sheep& 39;s dream. But my barn is also a through-barn-design so cleanout just means a trip or two down each side with my tractor and the manure is ...【Get Price】

How to Build a Barn: 5 Steps with Pictures - wikiHow Concrete floors are stronger more durable and easier to clean and maintain than bare dirt or gravel floors but they can be hard on your animals& 39; hooves. Consider covering your barn’s center aisle with rubber pavers or mats and be sure to put down a bed of gravel clay or straw inside your livestock stalls.【Get Price】

Pole Barn Flooring Options DIY Pole Barns Dirt. The easiest pole barn flooring option is dirt. Since a pole barn’s only foundation requirements are in the footers for the poles the central dirt inside can be left alone. For several types of barns this is the ideal solution when it comes to pole barn floors. Dirt floors are the ideal option when it comes to livestock barns. When you ...【Get Price】

How to Level the Ground for Pole Barn Building eHow You can level the ground for a pole barn by hand or with the use of heavy equipment depending on the size of the barn and amount of dirt you need to remove. Equipment such as a dozer front-end loader or skid steer can grade the ground flat and easily move around large amounts of soil.【Get Price】