list of eco friendly construction materials

The Most Eco-Friendly Home Construction Materials MOTHER ... If you’re building a home or an addition to your existing home be sure to choose eco-friendly construction materials. There are really two ways to be eco-friendly in your home building materials.【Get Price】

Eco friendly Materials Use in Construction Projects Eco friendly Materials in Construction. We are discussing here the different types of eco friendly materials used in the construction projects.. Green Concrete. Green concrete is a technology that was invented to promote sustainability within the environment.【Get Price】

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green building materials that are way better than concrete Ferrock is a new material being researched that uses recycled materials including steel dust from the steel industry to create a concrete-like building material that is even stronger than concrete.【Get Price】

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A Guide to the Most Eco-Friendly Materials Household Wonders Aluminum is among one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable building materials and the most recycled industrial metal in the world. Often used as a beverage container the average aluminum beverage can will contain 70% recycled metal and can be reused within 6 weeks from entering a recycling plant.【Get Price】

The 7 best eco friendly materials for building broadsword ... The most eco friendly construction materials for a home are as follows: Recycled Steel. Utilises steel already in existence for structural use in a home. The reclaimed steel from 6 junk cars provides enough recycled steel to build a 2000 square for home. Recycling saves 75% of the energy costs.【Get Price】