disadvantage of eps wall

Advantages of Using an EPS Wall Panels - Manufacturing Made from something called the Expanded Polystyrene and EPS wall panel provides excellent structural rigidity and strength. Known for its high strength to weight ratio these are structured and insulated panels that are made with an EPS cement core that is sandwiched between two layers of structure boards that are made up of calcium sili e or fibre cement on each side.【Get Price】

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polystyrene Foam ... EPS board is used under roofing over foundation walls and beneath the siding. Because of its resistance to moisture polystyrene foam board insulation is a great choice whenever and wherever there is a chance it could get wet such as an exterior foundation inside a basement against the foundation and on the outside of a house beneath a ...【Get Price】

What is The Advantage of EPS Cement Sandwich Panels ... EPS Cement Sandwich Panel is a kind of lightweight energy saving wall material which uses cement calcium sili e or reinforced calcium sili e board as face panel filled with cement EPS polystyrene foam particles and as core material and forming by one time compound. ,Energy-saving environment-friendly Green and environment-friendly non-harmful substance no radiation reusable no ...【Get Price】

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of polystyrene ... Polystyrene foam board is one of the common three kinds of inner wall heat preservation materials. Also known as foam board EPS board comprising a volatile liquid foaming agent can be made of polystyrene beads after heating pretest probability in the mold heating and forming white objects.【Get Price】

Advantages Of EPS Foam Sandwich Panels - EPS CEMENT WALL ... 2. EPS foam lightweight partition board increases the use area. Good overall. Insulation board energy-saving wall material generally uses 50-200mm wall material and the thickness of 20 brick wall is 70mm less that is to say using energy-saving lightweight wallboard each extended 4.28mm can increase the use of square meter area. Because ...【Get Price】

Concrete EPS sandwich wall panel is a new high-grade building ... This kind of EPS sandwich concrete wall panel come with comprehensive advantages that other wall panel are unable to achieve: lightweight high strength impact resistance strong hanging force heat insulation sound insulation fire prevention waterproof easy cutting can be arbitrary slot without rendering coat dry decoration and ...【Get Price】

EPS Technology- Advantages and Disadvantageous of EPS Technology EPS Technology- Advantages and Disadvantageous of EPS Technology. The expanded polystyrene EPS technology involves construction of houses by assembling ready-made EPS foam sandwiched between a galvanised steel wire mesh that is plastered on both sides with concrete.【Get Price】