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Which side of the fence am I responsible for? - Admiral.com Garden fence responsibility can often be a subject of dispute between neighbours especially when it comes to knowing where you stand legally. It’s easy to avoid unnecessary hassle and confrontation by making sure you know what you are responsible for when it comes to garden boundaries.【Get Price】

Which fence belongs to my property? This is why looking for fence posts is a good place to start but if you or your neighbours disagree the next step is to check the deeds to your home. Finding the Boundary. To work out which fence belongs to your property find the fence that’s on your boundary. To do this you’ll need to lo e that boundary.【Get Price】

Which fence do we own? - Land Search Online Fences with Footings. The Party Wall Act 996 allows for a fence footing to be laid underground partly under the adjoining property. Wooden Panel Fences. Where the wooden panels are fitted between the posts the convention is for the external face of the posts to be placed on the owner& 39;s land against or close to the boundary. Wire Fences. Where ...【Get Price】

Fence Disputes: Do You Know Who Owns The Fence Between Two ... Fence ownership is a common uncertainty among homeowners. Some people are lucky and don’t have to share theirs with anyone while others are waging wars with neighbours to settle the questions of “Who owns the fence?” and “Which fence belongs to my property?”.【Get Price】

LEFT OR RIGHT: Which Fence Side Is My Responsibility ... And if you know from the start which side fence belongs to you you can save yourself a lot of hassle and avoid unpleasant arguments with your neighbours. How to tell which fence is yours – on the left or right-hand side? So let’s go back to the property deed and what you can learn from it.【Get Price】

Dealing With Boundary Disputes: Which Fence Is Mine? Left Or ... Which fence belongs to my property? There is a common belief that s are responsible for the fence to the left of their home. This isn’t true. Either fence may belong to a property and the simplest way to ascertain which belongs to a specific property is to check the deeds.【Get Price】

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How Do You Tell Who Owns a Fence? Hunker The poet Robert Frost& 39;s admonition that "good fences make good neighbors" is true to a certain extent but the neighborly peace may be disrupted by a dispute over who actually owns the fence. Conflicts often erupt when it comes time to repair or replace the fence or when new construction or new ownership takes place.【Get Price】

Do I own that fence? Identifying property boundaries ... Even when a title deed contains a covenant and plan making one owner responsible for maintaining a boundary fence it cannot automatically be assumed that an actual fence or wall belongs to that owner. If a property has been in existence for many years the original fence may have fallen into disrepair.【Get Price】