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Pipe Fence 0 - Weld Talk Message Boards I just put in a pipe fence 32 foot straight run for a holding pen going into my tub and alley working facility. I used 3 /2 in oil pipe for the posts and top rail then blew holes in it and ran sucker rod through 4 strands .【Get Price】

HOW TO WELD PIPE FENCE // WELDING RODS I USE FOR THE JOB ... HOW TO WELD PIPE FENCE // LET’S TALK RODS PASSES In this video I’m taking you along for a day with me on a custom pipe fence job. I’m Austin Ross and on t...【Get Price】

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best welder for pipe fence - Miller Welding Discussion Forums Fluxcore wire welding works just fine in the field for fence work. That is what I primarily use on the truck for fence and railing repair and installation. Your 4600 running watts generator will power a portable mig welder with .030 or .035 fluxcore wire at a plenty high enough setting to weld the pipe.【Get Price】

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Watch Out For The Bull: Building Pipe Fence - The Simple ... The posts are usually about 8 feet apart the top rail is around 4-5 foot from the ground and cable sucker rod or tubing is used for the rails. Like everything some fences are almost works of art and some fences look like whoever built them was mad at the world at the time so they just slapped a bunch of pipe together and started welding.【Get Price】

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Welding Tips and Tricks View topic - 60 3 Rods on Pipe Fence I have been working on a pipe fence project for the last year now around my property. I am enclosing 2.5 acres with 2 3/8 drill stem pipe. I have completed about a quarter of it and I got frustrated yesterday and broke down and got out some large diameter 60 3 rods I had purchased last year.【Get Price】

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FARM SHOW Magazine - The BEST stories about Made-It-Myself ... The problem is that during normal use drill pipe acquires the properties of a permanent magnet. The strong magnetic fields at the ends cause the electric welding arc to sputter fluctuate and leap wildly from side to side of the joint making it difficult to get a good weld. Retired drill pipe is rarely used outside the oil fields in full ...【Get Price】

Advice on welder for pipe fence - Weld Talk Message Boards But I& 39;ve seen some posts here that talk about using a MIG welder powered by a generator. I like the idea of not having to crank up an engine when I& 39;m welding in the shop . . . if the MIG would be able to handle the pipe welding. Will a HH 80 using flux core wire be enough to weld 2 3/8 to 2 7/8 used oil field pipe?【Get Price】

Welding Rod Sizes And Uses - What Welding Rod Do I Use ... The versatility of this welding rod coupled by its penetration power makes it an ideal option for most. Also it can be used in all directions. However the other welding rods on the list are also ideal when it comes to certain instances. For example the 7024 welding rod is ideal for welding thicker sheets of metal.【Get Price】